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Splendid Single
Splendid Single

Splendid Single

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How does it work ?

The HiddenBed is a revolutionary piece of furniture, ingeniously-designed, providing you the perfect space-saver for any room, serving as both a desk and a hidden bed.
You can lock your HiddenBed into an upright desk position. Or, if you need it as a bed, simply unlock and lower it, and nothing you have on the desk will be moved. Your papers and computer will remain intact and even your cup of coffee will not spill.
The bed holds up to a maximum of 300 pounds. Steel-angle iron reinforces the desk, giving it great durability and it glides smoothly on silent pistons.
Choose the best HiddenBed for your needs from one of our sizes: Single and Double (see online store for dimensions and pricing). It also is available in four different finishes: White, Natural Maple, Sunset Cherry and Nightfall.